Dog Run

Mar 30, 2020

Today marks the beginning of my 4th week of social distancing, so I thought it might be nice to uplift spirits by writing about my aspirations to create a 3d game.

Fig 1

I have obtained a copyright release from my employer for this effort based on the following project description:

I would like to develop random dog agility courses and then play as the dog running through the course. The game maybe in 2D or 3D and may allow the user to race against another player or the computer.

The working title for this game is dogrun.

My previous game development experience was building Bunny Droppings:

Bunny Droppings was an Android game that took me ~2 years to build and had approximately zero downloads. I really enjoy when an enormous amount of effort is put into something stupid/trivial/meaningless, and I intend for this project to live up to that ideal!

I will post periodic updates here and on twitter @tam7t with my the development experience here, so buckle up!