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June Dogrun Progress

Jun 14, 2020 2 min.

I have a playable demo of DogRun! Complete the obstacle course as fast as possible using these controls: Action Key Forward w Backward s Left a Right d Jump space Restart r This was built using the Godot game engine and all of the assets were built with Blender. Future improvements include more obstacles: a seesaw, a fabric tunnel, and maybe a bridge.

The Dog Lives

May 7, 2020 1 min.

I’ve been working hard on #dogrun all April and finally have something to share! It’s pretty incredible the amount of free resources online to learn 3d modeling and game development. Jayanam on Youtube has been very helpful reference material when dealing with Godot, and since I remain committed to making this game Hand Crafted In Brooklyn I’ve also invested in some 3d modeling courses. It turns out your model looks more like a dog if you use a reference image.