June Dogrun Progress

Jun 14, 2020

I have a playable demo of DogRun!

Complete the obstacle course as fast as possible using these controls:

Action Key
Forward w
Backward s
Left a
Right d
Jump space
Restart r

This was built using the Godot game engine and all of the assets were built with Blender.

Future improvements include more obstacles: a seesaw, a fabric tunnel, and maybe a bridge. You can see some first drafts of these ideas in this video:


This is built with a StaticBody for the fulcrum and a RigidBody for the board. A HingeJoint connects the two (and prevent the board from moving in the wrong directions). I found that I need to update the movement of the dog to manually apply forces on collided objects since the default infinite intertia makes it impossible for the dog (a KinematicBody) to stand on a RigidBody.


Although I’m going for a cartoon look to the game, I do want the tunnel to appear to be fabric. Godot has a SoftBody type for this but the collisons between the dog and the fabric didn’t look right on my first attempts.

I have since added a large invisible sphere around the dog on a separate collision layer to deform the fabric, and use a low-poly invisible StaticBody around the fabric tunnel to prevent the dog from exiting the tunnel through the sides.


I also want a nice bridge for the dog to walk across. I thought this would be easy but it is nearly impossible to walk up the bridge visible in the background of the youtube video. I will need to do some more investigation here.

Bonus Pigeon

Over in the Art Department I made a pigeon that I think looks pretty good.

Posing the wings to be close to the body is my next challenge…